Church gives people gas

Have you ever been to church and well... gotten gas? It's usually a little embarrasing. :0

Well.... is a church that is actually PROUD of the fact that it gives people gas!

Not only do they give gas, they are giving a 2000 Ford Explorer to a "lucky" teenager.

It's a new strategy to "entice newcomers and backsliders" to a Crusade.

The church currently boasts in their "9,000 members on its rolls, but only about 2,500 regularly attend Sunday morning services."

It then adds that the pastor would like to change that. I wonder what change it will make to give people gas. Maybe the church will be able to run on more fumes as they inflate their membership numbers to 10,000 members (gas guzzlers) and 2,500 regular attenders.

Just a thought: If you are a current member, are you still eligible to win? If so, it would kinda defeat the purpose, wouldn't it?!?

So my question is:

What ever happened to the simple presentation of the gospel? Is the humility of a saint, serving his neighbors, and sharing the salvation of Jesus Christ now outdated?

Do we really need to depend on gimmicks, tricks, and prizes instead of the all-sufficient Word of God through the power of the Spirit of God?

Or to paraphrase Jesus' words in John 4, "Everyone who fills up with this gas will need to fill up again; but whoever fills up with the gas that I will give him shall never fill up anywhere else again; but the gas that I will give him will become in him a tank of high-octane gas, fuming up to eternal life.”